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$ - Annual Sales in Damper Products in Millions (<$ - Less then a Million, 2$ - Over Two Million, Etc.)

B - Butterfly/Wafer Dampers

L - Louver/Multi-blade Dampers

F - Flap Diverter

G- Guillotine/Slide Gate Dampers

N - Nuclear Dampers

P - Poppet Dampers

R - Radial Vane/VIV Dampers

S - Stack Dampers

T - Tee Diverters

X - Custom Designed Dampers

FRP - FRP Dampers

- Canadian Based or Major Canadian Office 


Note: A damper key indicates that the firm considers this item a core product, represented in brochures and catalogs.  The absence of a key does not mean that firm is not able to provide that item.

Manufacturer of standard & custom valves & dampers for high temperature erosive & corrosive applications. Valves include standard butterfly valves, special butterfly valves & elastomer seated valves & dampers include fabricated dampers, special dampers for elevated temperatures, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) dampers, light duty dampers, slide gate dampers, stack dampers & refractory lined dampers. Butterfly valves are metal seated with cast iron body & disc & feature 304 stainless steel shafts, Teflon® bearings & packing, steel packing gland, steel pipe plug & temperature range from minus 20 degrees F to plus 450 degrees F. American water works association (AWWA) specification valves for high pressure applications are also available. Capabilities include machining & fabrication.

Contact Info:

Advance Valve Design, Inc.
480 Mickley Rd.
Whitehall, PA 18052-6215
Phone: 800-394-5457, 800-384-5457 (toll free)
Fax: 610-435-4223
Email: Ken ken@advancedvalve.com
Web: http://www.advancedvalve.com

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Total Resources for the Total Solution. Experienced supplier of quality dampers and expansion joints.  From conceptual design to project completion, AMF-Vulcan, Inc. provides its clients with Dampers and Expansion Joints, using high quality resources, responsive service and attention to detail.

Vulcan Dampers and Expansion Joints was originally founded in 1986, serving the world wide market. Over the years most of the fabrication was carried out at Auburn Metal Fabrication (AMF, founded in 1985).

In 2007 Vulcan Dampers and Expansion Joints was restructured, becoming AMF-Vulcan, Inc. The entire operation is now under one roof and continues the tradition of providing quality products and service to the industries.

Contact Info:

AMF-Vulcan, Inc.

57 Conant Road

Turner, ME 04282
Phone: (207) 225-3877
Fax: (207) 225-3135

Email: Dan Kates DanK@AMF-Vulcan.com

Web: http://amf-vulcan.com

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Take advantage of AWV's expertise in designing and manufacturing heavy duty, industrial dampers. AWV has a full line of industrial dampers. Let us know your requirements and we will design a product to fit your needs. No matter what the application may be, make AWV your first choice for quality Industrial dampers.

Contact Info:

American Warming & Ventilating

7301 International Drive

Holland, OH 43528

Phone: (419) 865-5000

Fax: (419) 865-1375

Email: Therese Atkinson tatkinson@awv.com

Web: http://www.awvdampers.com/awvdamp.asp

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Founded in 1985, Barron Fan Technology has developed into one of the most innovative and respected manufacturers of Industrial Fans and fan related equipment in the country. Our new fan and fan rebuilding operation is all under one roof. The company's 55,000 square foot facility, located in Alabaster, AL, south of Birmingham, has all the machining and fabrication equipment to complete virtually any Industrial Fan project.

We manufacture heavy duty multi-louver, guillotine, butterfly and vortex dampers for a diverse client base representing many industries. Our dampers, while designed for heavy duty applications, are carefully crafted for smooth operation and tight shut-off in normal to hostile environments. Depending upon your requirements, we will design and fabricate dampers for high temperature, highly abrasive or highly corrosive environments.

Contact Info:

Barron Fan Technology, Inc.

200 Industrial Rd.

PO Box 1883

Alabaster, AL 35007

Phone: (205) 621-4321

Fax: (205) 621-1402

Email: sales@barronfan.com

Web: http://www.barronfan.com

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Bachmann Dampjoint designs and manufactures efficient, custom-designed, specialty gas-flow equipment for the most demanding industrial applications.

With over 30 years of experience and customers worldwide, we have a proven track record of offering damper and expansion joint solutions to the Power, Cement, Chemical, Petrochemical and Pulp & Paper industries.

Contact Info:

1460 Michelin, Laval (Quebec)
Canada, H7L 4R3

Phone: (450) 786-8686

Fax: (450) 786-8800

Email: info@bachmann.ca

Web: http://www.bachmann.ca

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Bachmann has earned a preeminent position in the competitive world market for high performance Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems, SCR Bypass Systems, Dampers and Expansion Joints.

The Bachmann team of dedicated engineers, designers, technicians and craftsmen work closely with their customers to develop exceptional solutions to the most difficult challenges, whether technical or economic. This effort starts with the development of the initial design concepts, and continues throughout site erection supervision and start-up commissioning around the world.

The innovative approach by the Bachmann team is exhibited by the number of revolutionary inventions and patents awarded their engineers. This capability assures Bachmann clients will receive the most leading edge and reliable equipment appropriate for their applications.

Whether your project is in the power generation field, either combined cycle, thermal power or hydro power, or in the petrochemical market or in the industrial arena, Bachmann will provide the quality and service that has become a worldwide trademark.

Contact Info:

Clyde Bergemann Bachmann

416 Lewiston Junction Road
Auburn, ME 04210

Phone: (207) 784-1903

Fax: (207) 784-1904

Email: cbbachmann@cbbachmann.com

Web: http://www.cbbachmann.com/

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Located in historic Bethlehem Pennsylvania, DDI is approximately 100 miles west of New York City and 60 miles north of Philadelphia.

DDI has been in the business of designing, building and supplying a complete range of quality dampers to utility and industrial customers for over twenty (20) years.

Damper Design , Inc. dampers provide unique engineered solutions to those areas of design critical to the effectiveness and life of the damper.

The Golden Eagle Burner/Register is a ruggedly built Wall Fired Pulverized Coal Burner that provides excellent reliability and combustion performance.

Contact Info:

Damper Design, Inc.

1150 Mauch Chunk Rd

Bethlehem, PA 18018-6645

Phone: (610) 861-0111

Fax: (610) 861-0116

Email: sales@damperdesign.com

Web: http://www.damperdesign.com

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Head office is in the United Kingdom with offices and manufacturing facilities in India and Canada.

To see listing and other Contact Information See International listing (click here).


North American Office:

Damper Technology Canada

2050 Dagenais Blvd. West

Laval, Quebec

Canada H7L 5W2

Tel: +1 450 622 9694

Fax: +1 450 622 6831

Email: sales.canada@dampertechnology.com

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Design Fab, Inc., founded in 1983, is committed to providing quality Flow Control Dampers and Flue Duct Expansion Joint products at competitive pricing. Our goal is to ensure that each customer will receive the personalized service that creates a long term, two-way relationship. We continually strive to provide our customers with a product that provides optimum service life. Design Fab manufacturers Dampers and Expansion Joints for a wide variety of industrial customers. Utilities, energy plants, incineration, fan companies, pollution control, metals processing, paper mills, and glass manufactures.

In February of 2010, Design Fab was acquired by Newfab, Inc. and moved from Greene, ME.

Contact Info:

Design Fab, Inc.

928 Minot Avenue

Auburn, Maine 04210-3719

Phone: (207) 786-2446

Fax: (207) 786-4168

Email: lroche@newfabinc.com

Web:  http://www.designfabinc.com

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Effox Inc. and Flextor Inc. were merged on August 1, 2008 and are now the Effox-Flextor division of CECO Environmental. Combined, Effox-Flextor is the world leader in heavy-duty utility and industrial dampers and expansion joints with more than 50 years of industry experience. We are focused on the design and manufacturing of heavy-duty dampers and expansion joints for the demanding requirements of today’s market. Around the globe our dampers and expansion joints are being used in systems that clean polluting emissions and contribute to reducing greenhouse gases. We are known for our commitment to quality.

Every Effox-Flextor product is designed and manufactured to the engineered specifications of our customers and we are a major supplier to the largest names in the industry. Our employees pride themselves on maximizing the value customers derive from Effox-Flextor products. They achieve this by maintaining leadership in technical expertise and quality so as to meet customer requirements, on time, with the most cost effective design.

Contact Info:

Effox-Flextor Cincinnati
9759 Inter Ocean Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio
Phone: (513) 874-8915
Fax: (513) 874-1343

Email: andy.dart@effox.com

Web:  http://www.effoxflextor.com

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Effox-Flextor Montreal
61 chemin du Tremblay
Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
J4B 7L6
Phone: (450) 449-9882
Fax: (450) 449-9883

Email: r.turcato@flextorinc.com

Web:  http://www.effoxflextor.com


Flextech Industries offers a full line of rugged, reliable dampers to provide critical, man-safe isolation and/or control of airflow in utility, refinery and industrial process applications.

Designed to permit inspection and maintenance during plant operation, these custom engineered and manufactured dampers eliminate costly down time and lost production.

Flextech Industries  acquired all of the capabilities and manufacturing facilities of American Power & Process Inc. of Clinton, Missouri, a leading manufacturer of industrial dampers. The purchase included AP&P's patents, designs, equipment and expertise in the damper industry. With our company headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, and our facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Flextech has served customers around the world with quality engineered products for many years.

With the purchase of the 30,000 sq. ft. AP&P facility, Flextech Industries has greatly increased its capabilities, product line and scope of manufacture. Along with our existing products, we are now leading manufacturers of industrial dampers and related equipment.

Contact Info:

Flextech Industries (US)

948 East Nusbaum Place
Clinton, MO
USA 64735

Phone: (660) 885 8899
Fax: (660) 885 6852


Web: http://www.flextechdampers.com





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Flextech Industries (Vancouver, BC)

Unit 1 - 17675 66th Avenue
Surrey, BC
Canada V3S 7X1

Phone:(604) 576-3100
Fax: (604) 576-3101

Email: sales@flextech-ind.com


Flextech Industries (Edmonton, Alberta)

8904 18th Street
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6P 1K6

Phone:(780) 464-7588
Fax: (780) 464-7515

Email: ab.sales@flextech-ind.com

In the damper and expansion joint industry, the name Fox is synonymous with quality and engineering excellence.  Fox Equipment continues these traditions in an organization that supplies the quality products and service expected from the Fox name.  When it comes to control or isolation of your flue gas, there is one name you can always trust...FOX Equipment.

 For safety and equipment longevity, Fox Equipment uses the "Belt and Suspenders" approach to all of our custom dampers and expansion joints.  Our designs never exceed 60% of yield stress on any component; our torque calculations use a 300% safety factor and seal air volumes are calculated using a 200% safety factor.  These guidelines allow for extended equipment life and help compensate for unforeseen challenges that may arise during the installation process.

Manufacturing capabilities focused in Cincinnati, OH and Fox Equipment's facility in St. Augustine, FL.  We look forward to providing Total Commitment, Total Quality and Total Service with our in house engineered and fabricated dampers and expansion joints to the market with on-time delivered projects and lasting relationships.

Contact Info:

Fox Equipment, LLC
One San Jose Place
Suite 22
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Phone: (904) 292-3960
Fax: (904) 292-3961

Email: bill@foxequipment.com

Web: http://www.foxequipment.com

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Kelair products is a privately held company which was started by Mr. Jim Kelly in 1987.  Since our beginning, our only product offering has been custom designed and fabricated industrial dampers.

On September 1, 2000, we moved into our new, company owned, fabrication facility located in Richmond, Illinois. This modern crane bay facility is completely equipped with late model fabrication, welding and material handling equipment necessary to complete all phases of our damper fabrication process from receipt of raw materials through shipment of the completed dampers. Our "single source" capability avoids quality and delivery problems often associated with outsourcing.

What this means to you, our customer, is unparalleled response to your delivery requirements. There is no "red tape" to cut through at Kelair. You will get immediate assistance, responses and decisions throughout every phase of your order process, from quotation to shipment and beyond.

Contact Info:

Kelair Products, Inc.
5700 AMI Drive

Richmond IL  60071
Phone: (815) 678-6144
Fax: (815) 678-6146

Email: info@kelairdampers.com

Web: http://www.kelairdampers.com

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Mader Dampers has been owned and operated by the Zeager family since September, 1976.

In March, 1999, Mader Dampers relocated to a new state of the art manufacturing facility in LaGrange, Ohio. The new 45,000 square foot facility offers a lift capability of 23 feet (under hook) and a 60,000 lbs. lift capacity. The in-house 30 foot by 40 foot paint booth, complete with airless spraying equipment, enables Mader the ability to provide customer specified paint requirements.

The new facility, 31 years of experience, a commitment to customer service, and a staff of very capable skilled employees make a winning combination for Mader Dampers.

Contact Info:

Mader Dampers Division of Mader Machine Inc.

422 Commerce Drice East

LaGrange, OH 44050

Phone: (440) 355-4505
Fax: (440) 355-6582

Email: sales@maderdampers.com

Web: http://www.maderdampers.com

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A damper performs one of the toughest jobs in your process – while it may be idle for months, a damper must perform flawlessly when necessary.  Process Barron’s quality in system engineering, solution design and equipment manufacturing can be the difference in operating smoothly or having an unexpected and costly forced outage.  Our services include turnkey damper fabrication and on-site installation, scheduled field maintenance and repair, and emergency on-site equipment repair.  Our skilled craftsmen manufacture and assemble a full inventory of dampers and related equipment like fan inlets, outlets, isolation valves and actuators in-house for all industrial and utility applications. 

A variety of custom designed dampers for many applications are available, built according to customer specifications of pressure, temperature, airflow regulation, and other critical operational requirements. Technical assistance is provided through our sales and engineering department for support in generating specifications for procurement of specialized dampers.

Contact Info:

Process Barron
P.O. Box 1607

2770 Welborn Street

Pelham, AL 35124

Phone: (888) 663-2028
Fax: (830) 663-6037

Email: information@processbarron

Web: http://www.processbarron.com

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Senior Flexonics Pathway is recognized as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality metal and fabric expansion joints and damper products.

Our skilled staff specializes in pipe motion technology with extensive background in the production of expansion joints, compensators, exhaust manifolds and custom ducting which enables us to engineer efficient systems to meet customers' specialized needs.

Developing partnerships with our customers is a key element in our success. In addition to providing high-quality reliable components, we innovate unique design solutions to meet the challenges inherent in industrial processes, offering our customers peace of mind.

Contact Info:

Senior Flexonics Pathway, Inc.
2400 Longhorn Industrial Drive

New Braunfels, TX 78130

Phone: (830) 629-8080
Fax: (830) 629-6899

Email: info@myej.com

Web: www.myej.com

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Shan-Rod, Inc. was established by Mr. Shannon & Mr. Rodwancy in 1969 for the purpose of developing low pressure/high temperature dampers for the glass, steel and petro-chemical industries.   In 1973, David Hatala was hired as the plant manager and went on to become vice president of the company. He acquired Shan-Rod, Inc. in 1987. Today, ownership rests with David Hatala and key employees.

At Shan-Rod, we utilize modern technologies and techniques to engineer and manufacture our dampers and valves to meet the toughest design conditions. In addition to the valve design, we select and recommend the best materials available to meet those conditions.

Since 1969, Shan-Rod has sold over (22,000) dampers worldwide and has expanded into the cement, aluminum and mining industries. Our product line now includes gate valves, guillotines, multi-louvers, high pressure control valves, tight shutoff butterfly valves and pressure vessels.

Contact Info:

Shan-Rod, Inc.
7308 Driver Road
P.O. Box 380
Berlin Heights, Ohio 44814

Phone: (419) 588-2066
Fax: (419) 588-3310

Email: shanrod@roadrunner.com

Web: http://www.shanrod.com

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WahlcoMetroflex is a world leading designer and manufacturer of diverters, dampers and expansion joints for over 50 years, specializing in controlling and isolating gas flows and supplying related duct systems.

WahlcoMetroflex designs, manufactures and services a broad range of high performance isolation and flow control dampers, expansion joints and related duct systems. This broad range of products is highlighted by the bypass diverters for gas turbines and utility selective catalytic reduction, (SCR) systems, flue gas desulphurization (FGD) dampers, louver dampers, guillotine dampers, butterfly dampers, metal expansion joints and fabric expansion joints. The WahlcoMetroflex families of products are in service around the world in power plants, refineries, chemical plants, pulp & paper mills, steel mills, incinerators and combustion and hot gas systems of many kinds.

WahlcoMetroflex is the only authorized supplier for all the OEM lines of equipment originally manufactured under the Metroflex & Andco labels.

Contact Info:

WahlcoMetroflex, Inc.
29 Lexington Street,

Lewiston, ME 04240

Phone: (207) 784-2338
Fax: (207) 784-1338

Email: inquiry@wmxinc.com

Web: http://www.wahlcometroflex.com

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