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- Annual Sales in Damper Products in Millions, EURO (<€ - Less than a Million, 2€ - Over Two Million, Etc.)

B - Butterfly/Wafer Dampers

L - Louver/Multi-blade Dampers

F - Flap Diverter

G- Guillotine/Slide Gate Dampers

N - Nuclear Dampers

P - Poppet Dampers

R - Radial Vane/VIV Dampers

S - Stack Dampers

T - Tee Diverters

X - Custom Designed Dampers

FRP - FRP Dampers


Note: A damper key indicates that the firm considers this item a core product, represented in brochures and catalogs.  The absence of a key does not mean that firm is not able to provide that item.


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Head office is in the United Kingdom with offices and manufacturing facilities in India and Canada.

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Esscano Power Industrial Dampers are a leading force in the International Industrial Damper market with supply including high specification flue gas, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, boiler, petrochemical, offshore, cement and gas turbine damper and diverter systems. With many relevant years of experience, we offer unique damper designs that are specific to your needs with comprehensive installation and operating information.

Esscano Dampers can be produced to deal with temperatures from -80° C to + 1100° C, seal tightness of up to 100% with or without sealing air and can be operated pneumatically, electrically, manually and hydraulically with actuators manufactured by your preferred supplier.

Special manufacturing standards can also be accommodated ecific contractual requirements.

Contact Info:

Esscano Power A/S
Tempovej 42

2750 Ballerup, Denmark

Tel: +45 4488 0078

Fax: +45 4488 0076

E-mail: bj@esscano.dk

Web: www.esscano.dk

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Damper Technology Ltd provide expert damper solutions to industry worldwide. From our head office in the UK and through our network of agents and licensed manufacturers we offer a wide range of quality damper products including butterfly dampers, louvre dampers, flap diverters, stack dampers, poppet valves and guillotines. In addition to this we have over 30 years of technical archives for Becorit & Herweg, Long Airdox Becorit, and Effox UK dampers, enabling us to provide spares and service backup for these products.

Damper Technology Ltd are quite simply an Industrial Dampers Manufacturer. We are specialists in the design, manufacture and service of industrial dampers and the many types of actuated control systems associated with damper products. Quality is assured as DTL have been assessed and approved to ISO 9001:2000 specifically as an industrial dampers manufacturer.

As a leading industrial dampers manufacturer we pride ourselves on our "Customer Friendly" approach to business, providing a flexible, efficient and responsive service to ensure the smooth execution of all orders, from the supply of spares to complex projects.  

Contact Info:

Damper Technology Ltd

Head Office:

Meadowbank House, Meadowbank Court,

Eastwood, Nottingham, NG16 3SL

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 115 932 4046

Fax: +44 (0) 115 932 4047

Email: sales@dampertechnology.com

Web: www.dampertechnology.com


Indian Office:

Damper Technology India PVT Ltd

S.F.NO: 608/3A2B, 608/3A1B

Eachanari – Chettipalayam Road

Eachanari Post, Coimbatore 641021

Tel: +91 422 669 1261

Fax: +91 422 669 1106

Email: sales.india@dampertechnology.com


North American Office:

Damper Technology Canada

2050 Dagenais Blvd. West

Laval, Quebec

Canada H7L 5W2

Tel: +1 450 622 9694

Fax: +1 450 622 6831

Email: sales.canada@dampertechnology.com

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Originally formed in 1980, Flowrite is today one of the foremost damper manufacturers in the World.  With a policy of continuous development, our range is always up to the minute in design, manufacture and operational reliability. We are an independent company operating from our main office base in Norwich, UK, from where technical staff create an extensive product range tailored for a wide variety of industrial applications based on specific customer requirements.

Contact Info:

Flowrite Industrial Dampers Ltd
The Glasshouse,
Kings Lane,
England, UK
Tel: 01603 633 163
Fax:  01603 633 763
E-mail: sales@industrialdampers.com

Web: http://www.industrialdampers.com

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Sammet Dampers, founded in 1984, is now the leading Scandinavian Industrial Damper Supplier. During the past 25 years Sammet has evolved from a subcontractor into a first-class Industrial Damper Supplier with over 150 yearly Damper projects to major boiler and gas cleaning system manufacturers around the world. Sammet® is a registered trademark in Europe.

Today, Sammet Industrial Dampers are in use in more than 60 different countries around the world, from Sweden and Germany to China, U.S., India and Latin America.

Sammet Dampers has a wide range of dampers to offer for all kinds of purposes. In addition to normal controlling and isolating of gases, Sammet® products are more and more often used also in gas cleaning and safety systems.

Contact Info:

Sammet Dampers Oy
Virastotie 2

FI - 40950 MUURAME
Tel:. +358 14 3391 650
Fax: +358 14 3391 690
E-mail: pertti.mehto@sammet.fi

Web: http://www.sammet.fi

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Diverter Dampers in Gas Turbine Systems require high reliability and efficiency for long term availability with low maintenance.

Our Diverters help to rise the Power Plant efficiency with high tightness, low thermal- and low pressure-losses. The compact standardized Diverter design offers good flow control and safe emergency operation with Hydraulic Power Units.

With added Guillotine- or Blanking Plate Systems man safe HRSG-inspection during Gas Turbine bypass operation is allowed. The modular Diverter design enables flexible erection procedures or upgrade from single- to combined cycle Power-Plant operation.

Dampers for other application as conventional fossil Power Plants, Refineries and Cement Plants are also available.

Contact Info:

Camfil Farr Power Systems GmbH
Mary-Somerville-Strasse 2
D-283 59 Bremen, Germany
Tel:. +49 421 47886 0
Fax: +49 421 47886 101
E-mail: info.gt@camfilfarr.com

Web: http://www.camfilfarr.com

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Total Resources for the Total Solution. Experienced supplier of quality

NEM Power-Systems (NPS) is a global player in the design and supply of all types of dampers necessary for the Power and Environment Industry, where a tight shut-off or good control is required. Exhaust stacks and bypass systems incorporating diverters and silencing equipment for gas turbine plants are included in our product spectrum.

NEM B.V. (www.nem.nl), one of the world’s largest producers of heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) behind gas turbines, acquired the business activities, including the rights, patents and design information gained over 50 years experience, by the former Stober+Morlock company in Recklinghausen, Germany in 1997.


NPS was set up as the centre of competence within the NEM group for bypass stacks and damper systems. In the continuation of the business activities from the former Stober+Morlock, the STOBERKLAPPE® type design is used.


We - at NPS - are a team of highly motivated international professionals, supporting our clients with a wide range of tailor made products and individual services.

Contact Info:

NEM Power-Systems
Christine-Englerth-Strasse 20
D-45665 Recklinghausen
Tel:   +49 (2361) 9869-0  
Fax: +49 (2361) 98294

E-mail: info@mem-ps.com

Web: http://www.mem-ps.com

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Raumig-Janich Systemtechnik GmbH was founded in 1981. The firm is an affiliated company of Janich Spezialarmaturen GmbH, Beckum. Since 1970 this company has established itself as a leader in developing shut-off and modulation dampers.

Contact Info:

Raumag - Janich Systemtechnik GmbH
Im Grund 6
D-96528 Rauenstein
Tel:. 036766/881-0
Fax: 036766/81032
E-mail: info@raumag-janich.de
Web: www.raumag-janich.de

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Wierling Exhaust Systems is the result of the combination of more than 25 years experience in manufacturing by Josef Wierling Fabricators GmbH and more than 15 years experience in the damper business of each design engineer and project manager.

For the different fields of application in power plants, iron and steel works, refuse incinerators as well as in cement industry WES offers the suitable components for the modulating or shut-off of your gaseous medium. The concept is always done individually regarding the specific project requirements and the technical necessities.

We are specialists in Diverter Dampers, Bypass Dampers, Stack Dampers, Louver Dampers, Turn Dampers and Guillotine Dampers all in various designs. In addition to this we prepare individual solutions for bypass systems, pressure vessels, leakage tanks, poppet valves, screen rakes etc..

Contact Info:

Am Bahnhof 1

D-59394 Nordkitchen

Tel:. +49 (0) 2599 9395-0
Fax: +49 (0) 2599 9395-70
E-mail: wes@wes-online.net

Web: www.wes-online.net

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Head office is in the United Kingdom with offices and manufacturing facilities in India and Canada.

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AMMtech is a dynamic leading manufacturer of industrial damper valves to control and regulate fumes and airflow at high temperatures.

We design and manufacture our damper valves directly in varied materials offering innovative solutions through accurate market research. Our range of damper products includes, butterfly and throttle valves, guillotine, louvre, two and three way diverter dampers and by-pass flow control systems. AMMtech specializes in custom designs for unusual or heavy duty applications.

Our product portfolio also comprises an extensive array of valves: knife gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, ball valves, high performance butterfly valves (double offset) to meet varied applications.

Our product line is manufactured in different varieties of alloys steel to any design standard combining material traceability and extensive quality control procedures. Manual, pneumatic or electric actuators are supplied according to different applications.

Contact Info:

AMMtech srl

Via G. Puccini, 1940/N

55016 Porcari 



Tel:   0039 0583 210660
Fax:  0039 0583 294863
E-mail: info@amm-tech.it

Web: www.amm-tech.it

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Our goal is to become a specialized manufacture with a unique personality that can be described as "small in size but big in ability" on the three backups; "Flexible Activity", " Creative Technique" and "Foreseeing Ability" to cope at any time with Future and Changes all over the world. In addition, we will continue our sustained efforts to make progress "In anything and at any time" on the step-by-step basis and grow big in the future, not only in the domestic market, but in the overseas market as well, with the motto "PLUS ONE".

Contact Info:

Nippon Technical Engineering Co., LTD.
Post No. 842-0122

2718-2 Kanzaki-cho

Kanzaki-city Saga JAPAN
E-mail: info@ns-tes.co.jp

Web: http://www.ns-tec.co.jp/

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STEJASA was born in 1974 in Madrid (Spain). During these years, we are proud to say that we have delivered more than 10.000 dampers which include:
  •  By-pass stacks
  •  Diverter damper
  •  Stack dampers
  •  Gas distributors
  •  Multilouvers
  •  Guillotines

We have supplied these in over 50 countries with Clients in more than 40 countries. We are very active in:

  •  Combined cycle power plants
  •  Gas turbines & motors cogenerations
  •  Thermal power plants
  •  DeN0x
  •  DeS0x
  •  Waste incineration
  •  Cement
  •  Petrochemical
  •  Steel industries

STEJASA is always close to its Clients thanks to its different branches, licensees and agents all around the world. Please contact us for more details by email or telephone. It will be a pleasure for our team to help you choose the best damper solution for your application. .

Contact Info:

Stejasa Agregados Industriales
Oficinas Centrales
C/Albasanz, 34
28037 Madrid (Spain)
Tel:  +34 913270013
Fax: +34 913272120
E-mail: general@stejasa.es

Web: http://www.stejasa.com

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